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What is JAWA Community Video Unit?

Jawa’s is a team of six video producers from the tea garden communities and JAWAis our media production house.

Jawa, meaning “sprout”, launched in partnership with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, is the first Community Video Unit in the North-East region of India. Located in Dimakusi Tea Estates (A part of the Williamson Magor Group or WM group which is one of the largest producers of tea in Assam), Jawa is training tea tribals in community media and video production.  This is a unique engagement of tea tribals in community-produced video journalism and also in using media in labor relations and financial literacy

Jawa has produced films on various issues like the lack of education and issues of absenteeism from work in the tea gardens. The other issues Jawa would be dealing with are the importance of savings, preserving culture and tradition, knowledge of hygiene and remedial action for diseases, decline in consumption of alcohol and other similar issues.

Community Producer’s skillset:

The Community Producer’s (C.P.’s) have received a year-long training in professional video productionand news reporting from international NGO Video Volunteers.

They have been given a rigorous approach to researching into social issues, producing and screening videos, and helping our communities to make a positive change.

Achievements to date:

JAWA CVU already has:

  • Performed street plays on the themes of education, malaria and other water borne disease and precautionary measures to an audience of around 2000
  • Carried our research through the method of participatory rural appraisals in six tea estates to identify social issues
  • Made a short film on the importance of savings to support ICICI Prudential’s financial education campaign
  • Produced a documentary on the impact of the ILO/ICICI Prudential project in Borengajuli Tea Estate
  • Used innovative methods for our media campaigns; e.g. a viral campaign on the ill-effects of alcoholism through mobile phones

  • Produced a movie (Video Magazine) on the importance of education and took concrete action to encourage communities to send their children to school and adults to return to school
  • Successfully screened this movie to an audience of over 2,200 across four different tea gardens and started carrying out follow up activities
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