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– Udalguri distict GM, MRIL, MR. Bordoloi was glad to see Jawa’s first film on education: ” I am happy to see a film that talks for well about how and why education could help our tea workers. I happy after seeing this film and feel that the people would definately be able to change ther lifestyles if they are better educated.”

– Paneeri ACMS secretary, Anil Nag, who is actively working for the welfare of his community has realized the effectiveness of video production and social change through JAWA: “ till today we have films shown for entertaining our tea workers. For the first time I have seen people responding to what they have seen and been entertained through. I never knew this was possible through showing films.”

– Producer Mr. Simon Nag from Nonaipara Tea Estate, formerly a school teacher and church secretary, tells about the skills he has gained through the training: “Now I am capable of handling a video camera, editing and writing a script. I can also do research work and all the things required in documentary film production”. Producers Ms. Anjela Kujur and Ms. Dipali Gore from Attareekhat and Bamonjuli Tea Estates emphasize on how they now have “gained the skill of using a computer for writing and video editing”. Mr Kheden Lal Munda from Bhooteachang Tea Estate feels that through the CVU he has “learnt lots of practical things like how to communicate with the community and the whole process of movie production, from research to editing”.

– Ms. Manjula Sabar from Dimakusi Tea Estate shares her own views: “JAWA CVU has given me a golden chance to know about the issues of my garden community which were completely unknown to me. We can help find a solution to those issues through CVU. I want to see JAWA become the number one CVU in India”.

Tea Garden Sardar, Mr. Ganesh Sabar was exposed to a new way of initiating change: ” I was completely overwhelmed by the way people from other areas too share the same excitement, grievances and language. If I hadn’t seen your (Jawa’s) film I would have never known”

Mother’s club secretary, Mrs. Mary has her own personal way of glorifying  Jawa’s activities, ” We must learn what JAWA is teaching us. These young people here are working harder than us to see good things happens here. We too must be willing to learn from them.”

– Producer Simon Nag: My aim is to become a blessing to the people, and I can already see my dream being fulfilled in the CVU. I am happy to be an agent for transforming community through the power of documentary films.

– Mrs. Julie Tanty, Producer from Paneery Tea Estate, formerly a school teacher, tells about her vision as a community video producer:My vision is to become a good leader in my community, and share the knowledge and ideas I have learned in the CVU. I m happy I now get respected by the entire garden and also the managers. I can speak to them for any reason, I have become that much confident. They all know that I am a film maker”.

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